Wednesday, August 28, 2019

International marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

International marketing - Essay Example The assignment delineates from different perspectives how information technology and systems has changed the demeanour of marketing across nations, in the global arena. The paper emphasises the fact how IT has influenced marketing from strategic planning, execution and evaluation of marketing programs to decision making; information technology has brought about drastic implications for marketing personnel, specifically for those operating internationally. The assignment also discusses the trickledown consequences of the IT assimilation with the marketing function and how it has in fact distinctly changed the way products are manufactured, marketed and distributed internationally; it has radically transformed how brands are built in a global scale and has also determined new grounds for creating long lasting and loyal end-user customer and organisational relationships in the international dome. Importance of Information for Marketing Sooner than discussing the importance of informatio n and technology systems in marketing, it is important to first consider what an information system actually is and why it is so crucial for marketing. Marketing in general, is all about gaining information over the existing and emerging needs of the consumers that comprise the market, doing research and devising strategic plans for accumulating resources for execution of plans, production of required products, promotion and publicity, distribution of the same to ensure availability of goods and services to the market which eventually satisfies those prevailing consumer needs. Briefly marketing is that only vital business function that provides organisations the platform to get to know to and interact with the end user customers and consumers. So, marketing would be an incomplete extravagant effort without prompt, precise and continuous information flow about the market. Therefore, an information system is the part and parcel of marketing function and activities. An information syst em on the other hand is an organised automated program that assures timely, precise and incessant flow of information for managerial use. So, the contemporary organisations are increasingly incorporating information systems and technologies with marketing to make the most of their IT investments and marketing proficiencies for gaining command over the market needs. As a result of which diverse marketing information systems are being successfully established and executed by both local and international organisations (Doole and Lowe, 2008). Philip Kotler, the guru of marketing, considers that an integrated marketing information system is over and above a mere system of collection of data and is beyond any set of information technology or systems; a marketing information system is an enduring and cooperating structure of people, paraphernalia and procedures to draw together, arrange, study, evaluate, and disseminate relevant, timely and precise information for use by

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