Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Constructivism and social constructivism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Constructivism and social constructivism - Essay Example Based on theoretical approaches that work on the basics resultant from studies and observations, constructivists believe novel concepts of knowledge are acquired (Philips, 2000). Through constant encounters with new channels of knowledge, learners are able to not only alter what they know, but also modify what they have also learnt in the previous classroom settings. In relation to this aspect, the educators must ensure that they ask learners questions on what they had previously be taught, so as to refresh their memories and assess the levels of understanding for these learners. Through weighing this kind of information, the educators are able to understand what areas to improve on the learners. In the case of early year's education, constructivism can be applied when the educators attempt to make sure that the learners answer questions relating to their environment, based on the practical lessons that they had gone through in the course of the week or the previous lessons. Exposure to the real world is vital in the early childhood education since the learners have to have a one on one touch with reality. Subjection to theoretical exams based on the practical given in the learning environment. Through this, the learners are able to relate concepts taught in the past, apply them in the present, and preserve the new information for the future. This is an elucidation of the fact that learning is a step by step process of building up information, based on reflection of the past experiences.

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