Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Requires the student to reflect upon own and group performance and Essay

Requires the student to reflect upon own and group performance and contribution - Essay Example This forms a reflection of both personal and class performance on the unit. Furthermore, the influence of social media on career choices in PR and media will be given an in-depth analysis. An overview of the unit represented three related think pieces. There was a one press release exam in which we all read the article and examined on the content. The unit featured a class debate in which the topic was â€Å"50 should Be the Cut off Age for Women to Have Children†. The unit was interesting and represented a personal interaction with the real issues affecting us. The press release exam concerned on a recent event that took place while the debate gave the real issue affecting women in the society. The lecturer was had vast knowledge and ready to listen to us. He would joke and make us laugh breaking the boredom. At times, he would allow us to stretch. His philosophy was that learning should not be difficult but rather made easier for students to understand. He always reminded us to remain practical at all times since the world out there needed people with our abilities. Some of the advices given by the lecturer influenced our learning both at the personal and class level. Since the unit had some level of difficulty, we decide to come together and form a class discussion for one minute session. It was difficult when coming up with the idea. Most of the students did not support the idea, but I insisted that it was appropriate we form a one minute session for the class for deliberating. I had to convince a rebellious friend to understand that it was for our common good. The lecturer was not strict in terms of the approach to the unit. He required 100% class attendance, and submission of while observing the deadline. He reminded us that in life it is important to make personal choices that we would never regret. With like-minded friends, we made it our decision to form the one minute session. Forming a one minute session helped in deliberating on the

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