Sunday, November 17, 2019

The environment incomparative and worldpolitics Essay

The environment incomparative and worldpolitics - Essay Example 351). It appears that policy-planners across the globe failed to forecasted appropriately, and this was reflected by a number of decisions including that to cut â€Å"agri-research,† when it was apparently no longer needed (Roskin & Berry, p. 352). The reason this topic is interesting is because food prices were normalized for a time, following the period of the Green Revolution, but as economic conditions have fluctuated, and the human population has exploded, food prices have become volatile. 2 ) McNeill’s main concern is on climate change, and he concedes that it is a combination of natural processes and man-made effects. However, he points out the important fact that it is not one grant event or decision that would tip the scale or â€Å"switch† of natural disaster, but it is due to â€Å"incremental increases† that calamities are caused (McNeil, p. 4-5). He recommends careful attention, since the term leading up to the threshold level of temperature, emissions, or other variable will be relatively calm, but that there can be literal hurricanes following this reference point. 3) Much of the focus in other articles has revealed that the power of balance between major nations such as Saudi Arabia and the United States hinge on the subject of oil trade. Thus, certain nations may mutually benefit when transactions proceed as planned and there are no shortages, but could erupt into an explosive situation where expectations are not met, or one or more of the nations concerned has some trouble (Roskin & Berry, p. 351). 4) Kasinof (2009) reiterates that environmental issues can cause much stress for a nation. The situation in Yemen is discussed where it is reported by a collective of researchers that â€Å"70 to 80 percent of rural conflicts are over water shortages,† revealing that much of the problems of the civil state can be traced to this type of debacle (Kasinof,

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