Sunday, October 6, 2019

Analysis of Bay Coasts Housing and Rental Research Paper

Analysis of Bay Coasts Housing and Rental - Research Paper Example Another house no. 20 of 11 years old claimed rental return of 5% though the house price is not very high but the rent charged is comparatively higher in comparison with house number 99. The house has AC fitted .In comparison with house number 99 the location of this house is excellent within half a kilometer of the railway station. House number 8 that is ownership house claims a higher rental ratio because it is also located very close to railway station. The house is made of timber but the condition is good and tough. It is 42 years old. There is no other special feature in this house. House no18 is located far from the rail or bus stand. It is 16 year old. The rental return ratio of the house is 6.6.This house should have claimed higher rent for but for the poor maintenance could not get. House no.21 is old with 220 square meter area priced at $437000 only but the rent charged is comparatively higher to yield 5.8% return on rent. This house is also located very close to bus stand and therefore claimed higher rent. The overall best feature of these high RRR fetching house is the location near the railway station or bus stand or the shopping center or all. Maintenance is also a factor to determine higher rent and RRR. House no.94 and 89 both have 170 sq m area of space claiming very high price of $1213000 and $1274000 but get the lowest RRR. House number 94 is new but no 89 is 38 years old. The house no. 94 provides AC but in poor condition. It has a bay view and is very close to the bus stand and the shopping center. It is built of bricks and new. The rent claimed is very low because it is poorly maintained. Good maintenance can be helpful in getting high rent. The house no.89 is non-AC, poorly maintained but with very good street image of 10 and situated near the shopping center. The rent received is very low. They badly require maintenance to boost up the image and confidence of people to pay more. The highest rent $740 claimed by house no.115 yielded RRR of 2.3% only which is quite lower compared to that of house no.1 of

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