Saturday, October 19, 2019

E-business and business analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

E-business and business analysis - Assignment Example Com has given me the opportunity to view the fashion apparel in 360 degree manner and also gives me the suggestion about ideal fashion line for me. I personally believe e-Business is extremely helpful in daily life also. Unique feature of e-Business is it’s time saving capability. For example, customers do not get the opportunity to check merchandise in retail outlets during the holiday seasons due to long queue and small store capacity while the same person can check merchandise in a relaxed manner while using the websites like Amazon, e-Bay and others. I believe e-Business has not only increased the buyer power but also increased product option for customers. E-Business Company like e-Bay has given the opportunity to customers to auction their merchandise without appointing any third party agents and I believe this facility has increased the transparency in transaction (ebay, 2012). I believe as a student that e-business has great importance in our studies. Home delivery fac ility of online shopping has also increased convenience for students like me. I also like the simple and easy payment options of e-business companies. Question 2 Cloud computing is the latest buzz word in the field of web technology. The technology provides various benefits like free installation and updating of software and email service, large backup space, free software access, creating document (read Google Drive) and saving the document in virtual space, customized calendar scheduling through Info Street and many others. The application has disadvantages like frequent server downtime, low privacy concern and few others. Overall Cloud computing is a beneficial option for small firms complemented with low financial resources. Small firms can compensate their resource scarcity by acquiring much needed data resources in cost effective manner through cloud computing. Small businesses owners have the opportunity to use Social media as fifth element of integrated marketing communicati on to promote their brand and generate awareness. They also can use social networking sites like LinkedIn in order to select candidates for jobs and it will save costs associated with recruitment process. Social media technology not only helps small business owners to increase brand equity but it also helps them to save costs. Small business owners need to use the mobile phones as potential medium to increase reach of the advertisements. They have the opportunity to integrate the advertisement message with latest Smartphone applications in order to generate maximum penetration. Mobile marketing provides various benefits like high response rate, direct communication with customers through text messaging, customization of services and many others hence small business owners should bank on these opportunities to achieve future business growth. Smartphone like Apple iPhones, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy has incorporated various features in the phone in order to fulfill customer requireme nt. Smartphone manufacturers are integrating latest technology in order to enhance customization in the offering. Small business owners can use the Smartphone applications in order to decrease both fixed and variable cost associated with certain office equipment and value chain integration (Ward, 2012). Question 3 The study will compare and contrast two social media marketing models such as Marketo’s sample plan and HubSpot’

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