Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Oramed Pharmaceutical Inc. Technology and Politics Essay -- Business A

Oramed Pharmaceutical Inc. Technology Oramed is a contemporary pharmaceutical company that is mainly focused into developing new cutting-edge medicinal diabetic drugs that have not been in existence before. Similar to other pharmaceutical companies, technology is a key factor in the success such companies. In an exclusive interview on with Nadav Kidron, Oramed’s CEO, he was quoted describing Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. as â€Å"an Israeli company focused on the development of oral delivery solutions based on proprietary technology† (PR Newswire Association LLC, 2007). Kidron’s comment demonstrates the value of technology to Oramed causing the company to patent its technology and product. Lately Oramed focused on the development of a new diabetic drug called ORMD0801. This product, in a form of a gel capsule, can be consumed orally. ORMD0801 in turn, plays a role in eliminating the need for insulin delivery by the means of self-injecting and constant painful testing of insulin blood levels. In order to accomplish this function, Oramed will need sophisticated technology and certainly top-notch high-tech equipment. Therefore, Oramed has to in an ongoing basis to secure â€Å"in-licensing and other means of obtaining additional technologies to complement and/or expand its product portfolio† (The New York Times, 2012). Oramed’s emerging ORMD0801 delivery is a technology in its-self. It advances the ability of the body to absorb peptides and proteins through the intestinal track wall without creating any changes to the active ingredients of the drug (Oramed, 2009). This was possible by introducing a substitute â€Å"drug delivery system† (Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., 2010). This delivery system will successfully deliver the drug to ... ...012/03/20/idUS125396+20-Mar-2012+BW20120320 PR Newswire Association LLC. (2007). Exclusive Interview With Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. CEO, Nadav Kidron on www.Wallst.Net. PR Newswire. ProQuest Newsstand. PR Newswire Association LLC. (2009). Frost and Sullivan Honors Oramed Pharmaceuticals With the 2009 European Oral Drug Delivery Technology Innovation Award. PR Newswire. The New York Times. (2012). Business Day. Retrieved from NY

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